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SPEEDEX Services

Support for Japanese homepage Creation

Japanese sensibility

To be successful in the Japanese market, you need to put up a Japanese website where Japanese notations are correct and representations match Japanese sensibilities.
In order to appeal to the Japanese representation of your products or services, you need the power of excellent Japanese staff.
Speedex, managed by professional Japanese staff, can help repackage your content from pages in English into an attractive Japanese website that will touch all the cultural bases necessary for success in this market.
At the same time Speedex can offer this unique service to you at the very reasonable cost of 10,000 yen per page.

Pay Pal lets you Sell in Japanese Yen and receiving payments in your home country currency.

Normally, e-commerce sites can sell by credit card only in the shop owner's home country currency. Japanese customers must buy their goods or services in the shop owner's home country currency. (e.g. USD, Euro, etc.) Afterwards, the credit card company charges the purchase to the Japanese customer's bank account in Yen converted from the shop owner's home country currency. In this case, the Japanese customer cannot know the exact Yen price because of exchange rate fluctuations.
However, with Pay Pal, online shops can sell their goods or services in Yen, and Japanese customers can buy them in Yen. Shops receive payment in the shop owner's home country currency converted from Yen.
The Pay Pal system with prices in Yen is ideal for selling to Japanese customers.
Speedex can help you build an easy-to-use shopping cart system that supports Pay Pal. Please contact us for full details.