Remake Your Web Site For Japan

SPEEDEX REMAKE : Remake Your Web Site For Japan's Market

We help overseas businesses (including individuals) enter the Japanese market in the field of web services. Recreation of EC websites, in particular, is expected to provide direct effect.

Introducing products and services that are acceptable in the Japanese market only in English website is equivalent to leaving your assets idle. By remaking website into the one acceptable to the Japanese market and people and allowing it to be on the Japanese search engine, you can expand your current limited market at once.

Then, is it only necessary to translate your website into Japanese?
Watch out for a pitfall.

There are many substantial translation firms in Japan, but they specialize in documents and not in websites. Although they can offer correct translations, their translations rarely create attractive websites, and in addition, the cost is high. Meanwhile, there are also translation firms specializing in websites and featuring low cost. The quality of their translations might be just slightly better than that of machine translation, and they cannot offer attractive websites, either.

Approximately 50% of the Japanese people surveyed do not use cross-border EC because they do not understand the language, which is the prime reason, followed by “concern about product quality, and then by concern about the reliability of businesses. Japanese websites should be created, taking the above concerns into consideration, and as the case may be, we propose describing methods readily accepted in Japan. We consider it possible to eliminate most of the anxieties regarding quality and reliability of businesses by providing appropriate information in a manner practiced for Japanese websites.

When recreating your website in Japanese, measures for search engines should also be taken into consideration. How should you allow Japanese people to learn about the existence of your Japanese website? First of all, they must find your website when making a search using search engines. (Details of measures for search engines).

Many of translation firms have technique of translating English into Japanese, or vice versa, but they rarely have knowledge about search engines, which does not make sense.

High-quality translation and measures for search engines together allow your Japanese website to be found by Japanese people. We are a long-established IT firm familiar with website circumstances in Japan.(Trust Us)

We create optimum Japanese websites that satisfy your needs. Place an order with us for creating your Japanese website matching the Japanese market.

The cost varies depending on work details. Recreation of sentences only without change in design for 10 pages in total is approximately ¥150,000 at the lowest. We also create banners and logos appealing to the instinct of Japanese people, design websites, and localize JavaScript, php, and cgi into Japanese.

Please contact us to enter the Japanese EC market worth $2,200.0 billion.

Other services

Measures for search engines

We know the methods of increasing accessibility in the Japanese market.
Basic search engine optimization (SEO) measures are taken when EC websites are recreated(SPEEDEX REMAKE), and additional measures will also be implemented based on a separate estimate to further improve accessibility.
We are familiar both with SEO, which ensures your URL to appear higher up in the search engine rankings, and with pay per click (PPC) system, which allows advertising fee to be paid depending on the number of times of clicking and impressions. Learn More

Shopping sites set up and consulting available

If you have done a deal with us related to the remake of your EC website, we will help you open a store in major shopping sites, where stores cannot be opened without having an establishment in Japan, such as Rakuten Ichiba and Yahoo shopping.

Hosting Service : Speedex

Speedex is, without a doubt, the best choice among EC-hosting sites in Japan. You can open a site with a surprisingly-low initial investment.
US$97.00 per-month will open the door of success to the Japan market for you.What's more, it is also possible to reduce costs even further by sharing the server with multiple domains. Learn More

Introduce our business partners

We introduce our business partners specializing in company formation, job recruitment, and legal work to you.
We have business partnership with approximately 200 IT firms having expertise in each field. In addition, since we are in close alliance with reliable people specializing in fields such as company formation, job recruitment, and liaison office establishment, we can introduce such trustworthy corporations and specialists to businesses using our services.