Speedex Server

Excellent networking environment

Japanese market success requires swift accessible web pages

Speedex Hosting is directly linked to a Tier 1 IP Backbone, 'NTT/VERIO Global IP Network', which is rated as a world-class Internet service.
We also guarantee access via major IX (Internet exchange) ultra-fast connections and have Private Peering agreements with major ISP connections.
The unparalleled quality of Speedex communication lines is reflected in the choice of companies we partner, as detailed below.
communication lines
OCN is the networks service branch of NTT Communications and the largest network service company in Japan.
JPNAP(Japan Network Access Point), provided in Tokyo and Osaka, is a Layer 2 Internet eXchange (IX) service that enables stable exchanges of large-volume traffic in today's age of broadband.
INTERNET MULTIFEED provides an Intelligent Optical Switch to improve availability while PeerWatcher enables customers to monitor WEB traffic information for each peer.

DIX-IE is one of the major Internet exchange hubs in Japan.

NSPIX-3 is one of the major Network Service Provider Internet eXchange Points.