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Resell Speedex Remake, SEO Support, Shopping sites set up

Recommend your customers to enter the Japanese market.
We would like website consultants and web design businesses to contact SPEEDEX for use of websites in Japan, including remaking of existing websites (SPEEDEX REMAKE), search engine marketing, and support for opening stores on major shopping sites.

Resell Speedex in Japan

In Japan over 350 partners are reselling Speedex. And over 4000 domains are using Speedex. Several our partners have more than US$5000 monthly sales using Speedex. Speedex cost of their sales is 10% less.

Multi Domains

On Speedex VPS, you can use multi domains on the same server. By using Apache VirtualHost and Sendmail Virtuser table, multi domains are enabled. Each server's monthly fee is fixed regardless of the number of domains. So by using multi domains on one server, monthly fee per-domain is reduced dramatically.

Launch your own brand and set your own price

You can launch your own brand name at your own price! We never disclose the name of a Partner without his/her agreement, nor do we ever contact your clients directly.
Add your own services swiftly and easily on Speedex VPS.