Speedex Server

Global standard VPS Servers

Speedex offers Linux VPS and FreeBSD VPS.

A VPS (Virtual Private Server) is a server on a physical server computer which is partitioned into virtual multiple servers. Thanks to this partitioning you can enjoy security level equivalent to a separate physical computer, e.g. root access and also use and operate the server cost-effectively.

AMP (Apache, MySQL, Perl / PHP / Python)

Speedex supports the AMP (Apache, MySQL, Perl / PHP / Python), so you can use various Internet standard applications.


Speedex supports a unique Control Panel, which can handle most routine server administration. With Control Panel, both server and domain administrators can configure users and domains and each user can use Control Panel as a web mail tool.


You can use FreeBSD Ports Collection and Linux yum and/or RPM, to install many programs. However, we recommend that you consider using 'vinstall'. Its user-friendly commands make it child’s play to install many programs, including the following:

ant gpgformmail mod_python mysqlcheck phppgadmin rails timezone zope
clamav java_jdk mod_ruby openvpn postgresql samba3 tomcat -
cpx java_jre mtop openwebmail procmail-lda sendmail-rbls trendmicro -
dada mailman mysql php4 procmail sendmailcert urchin5 -
dovecot majorcool mysql4.1 php5.2 pukiwiki spamassassin webalizer -
eruby majordomo mysql5.0 php5.3 python-2.5 squirrelmail webmin -
fml miva-empresa mysql5.1 php5 python swish-e wordpress -
formmail mod_perl mysql5.5 phpmyadmin quotachecker tcl zendoptimizer -

At 2011-05-12, On Linux VPS.

Virus email filtering

All emails passing through our Speedex server are automatically filtered by our Virus Check server. We use KASPERSKY for our Virus Check database, with a database that is regularly updated, letting you use Speedex e-mail with full peace of mind.