SPEEDEX Domain Services

Speedex Domain Services

We can help with Speedex-hosted domains by: 1) Acting as your Registrar (obtaining and retaining domains), 2) Assisting you with DNS (Domain Name System) provisions and registration, 3) Providing Domain settings on a VPS (Virtual Private Server). Each of these services is chargeable if performed by Speedex. If you do these three by yourself, Speedex will not levy any charge.

Multi Domains

The Speedex VPS lets you use multiple domains on the same server, via Apache VirtualHost and Sendmail Virtuser table. The monthly fee for each server is also fixed, regardless of the number of domains, so multiple domains per server are guaranteed to slash the monthly fees payable per domain.

You can request Speedex to act as Registrar for the following domains:

domain types Domain Fee Domain Transfer Fee ExpirationM
gTLD (com, net, org, info, biz) US$62.50 US$125.00 2years
gTLD (mobi, asia) US$62.50 US$62.50 1year

You can use our DNS as follows. From the 2nd domain name on the VPS onward, a per domain DNS setup fee of US$50.00 is required. No DNS setup fee is charged for the first domain on the VPS.


You can request Speedex to setup VPS domains for you. The first domain setup is free, following which a per-domain VPS setup fee of US$25.00 is required. You can easily setup domains yourself on VPS using the Control Panel.