SEO&PPC Support for Japan

SEO is best when fine-tuned to the unique requirements of each country.

Speedex has a lot of experience and expertise in dealing with Japan's SEO. Speedex will help your SEO targeting of, and other powerful search engines in Japan at reasonable rates.
Description and keyword tags in your HTML files that make your site highlyvisible to search engines will be installed. We can help with your PPC (Pay-Per-Click) and advertising to, and others. Such arrangements can be made and discussed by email.

Search engine optimization (SEO)

1. We propose search key words as well as expressions on your website. What kind of keywords do you think are appropriate in searching your products in Japanese language? We will review local search volume and competitors in Japan, and find the best keywords for you.

2. We assess whether expressions in your website are assessed properly by search engines, and offer advice. We remake EC websites (SPEEDEX REMAKE) according to the guideline specified by major search engines in Japan (Google, Yahoo!, Bing). As a result, the relevant website is made to be indexed more easily.

3. We carry out various activities to allow people to learn about your website and increase visitors.
We consider that in search engine optimization (SEO), the number of incoming links is equivalent to the bid amount. The larger the number of incoming links, the more competitive the website becomes.
However, activities that may fall under the category of spam might damage the reputation of the website. We present influential means to obtain as many incoming links as possible at present in Japan. We make registration to excellent directory services for you on chargeable basis. (Yahoo! category, J entry, X-recommend, i directory, BPN Directory, e-machitown, SASOU Directory, trendpress, etc.)

We place pay per click (PPC) advertisement for you.

In addition to the search engine optimization (SEO), which incurs almost no cost once your URL appears higher up in search engine rankings, a means called pay per click (PPC) advertisement, which attracts customers from search engines by paying advertisement fee each time the advertisement is clicked, is also available. PPC advertisement in Japan includes Overture operated by Yahoo! and Adwords offered by Google, and advertisement displayed on facebook. It takes some amount of time until search engine optimization (SEO) allows your URL to appear higher up in the rankings to attract customers. Meanwhile, since PPC provides instantaneous effect, you can try it as a test for entering the market. We place these advertisements for you.